1.0 - New Beginnings

 October '16 - November '16 

Colenia 1.0, originally named "Colonia" or "The JSM Server," was where the server got its start. The name was changed to "Colenia" due to the breaking apart of JSM, a short-lived gaming channel involving three Colenia staff members, and the subreddit r/Colonia already being taken by another Minecraft server. 1.0 only lasted for just under 14 days, making it the shortest major iteration by far. Not much of 1.0 was documented, due to the server not having a real identity at the time as well as its shortness.

A building in Madrid, Iberia. [November 7th 2016, 1.0] 

1.0 was cut short by a power struggle in the staff team, causing a weekend-long schism in the server's administration. The world was reset once this schism was resolved and the server put itself back together.