2.0 - The same, but different

November '16 - January '17 

Colenia 2.0 was Colenia's first reset and the first time the numbered suffix was used. 2.0 was very much a repeat of 1.0's formula. This didn't mean that the staff didn't try experimenting with a few new ideas, however. Colenia's staff experimented with multiple new plugins: Citadel, Kingdoms, JukeAlert, and most famously Slimefun, which became a staple of Colenia until the 7.x era. 2.0 was also the first version to use Colenia's original logo.

A full image of the 2.0 Christmas spawn, showing the staff team in the form of NPCs. [December 4th 2016, 2.0]

2.0, much like 1.0, was ended by a power struggle between the two owners at the time. 2.0's schism was different to 1.0's as it caused a reshuffling of the server's administration team and set the triarchal structure that would remain for most of Colenia's existence.