3.0 - The end of the beginning

February '17 - July '17 

3.0 was, at the time, Colenia's longest lasting reset by far and is considered by many of those who played on it to be the golden age of Colenia's culture, with a sizable but tightly-knit community with any expansion to such rare.

3.0 was when the server started to solidify itself as a stable server and is when the server developed an identity of its own. Many of the empires present throughout 3.0 are still remembered and often referenced to this day, such as Jorvia, Munyvia and Berg. 3.0 was also the first reset to introduce interplanetary travel with the first new planet being added: Kara.

An overhead view of the city of Leeds, Jorvia. [May 20th 2017, 3.0]

3.0 was the final reset to end by a power struggle. This time, with a different owner and differing interests. This would lead to the largest schism in the server's history and a rift that would cause Colenia to split in twain for a few months. However, this would lead to Colenia's final major reshuffling of the staff and would lead to an era of relative stability for the server for the next few years. This ushered in the end of Colenia's early period and the beginning of the the server's modern period.