5.0 - The Apex

January '18 - July '18 

If 4.0 was beginning of modern Colenia, 5.0 was the height of it. 5.0, much like the previous version, saw a massive expansion of the server's community down to another advertisement from another famous member of the online Alternate Future community. 5.0 had the least actual mechanics since 1.0, with Interplanetary travel being removed. This didn't stop 5.0 from being the most populous iteration of the server, with the largest nations that the server had ever seen.

The City of Berlin [2018, 5.0]

5.0 ended in much of the same way as 4.0, except without the downtime. 5.0, at the time, was the longest lasting iteration of Colenia with nearly six months of consistent uptime. This, much like the prior reset, caused the playerbase to lose their drive to play on the server, as everything had been done.