6.0 - Stagnation.

July '18 - September '18 

6.0 had possibly the most botched launch in Colenia's history. With the weight of 5.0's playerbase all ready to join at the same time, Colenia had to prepare for the largest launch in its history to date. Due to this, the launch had to be restarted multiple times and wasn't completed for a few days after the original date.

Mechanically, 6.0 was an exact repeat of 5.0 with some minor cosmetic tweaks. This caused many players to lose interest in 6.0 a lot faster than 5.0 and as such is not remembered as fondly by the playerbase as the prior reset.

A street in the city of Leeds, Northumbria [July 6th 2018, 6.0]

6.0 ended as roughly and as slowly as it began, with the playerbase losing interest very quickly. With this, the staff decided that the players needed a break from the standard vanilla Colenia experience. With this, the staff got to work on what they considered the best reset yet, comparing it to the experimental days of 6.0. With this, the reset was named after this past interation: 6.2.