6.2 - The best one, probably.

September '18 - February '19 

6.2 brought more new ideas to the table than any reset before it, outside of the experimental days of 2.0, with many new plugins, an entirely new map based completely in and around Europe, a new medieval theming to the world, a brand new interactive spawn and most controversially the removal of Slimefun. Due to 6.2 having a lot less war than the resets prior, this allowed the builders to worry a lot less about their buildings being destroyed. This led the server to have some of the nicest buildings on Colenia to date. 6.2 was one of the most divisive iterations, with many players from outside Europe feeling disconnected and alienated.

The dockyards of the city of Marseille [2018, 6.0]

6.2's demise was the same as all after 3.0, with the playerbase getting bored. Not much is recorded of the ending of 6.2, nor the development of the following version. This didn't stop 6.2 from lasting longer than most resets before it and is to this day a favourite reset to many, including some of the higher-ups in Colenia.