7.0 - A Return to Form

February '19 - July '19 

7.0 began as a return to the original Colenia playstyle that 6.2 diverted from. This created a more plain but less divisive reset for the community. Along with this, the staff attempted to refine many of the aspects that made Colenia enjoyable, such as the war system. Due to some mishaps among the staff team, the server's population dropped drastically within the first half, despite having the largest launch base in the server's history. The reset post-mishap was then used to test ideas for the next reset that was planned to be the biggest and greatest reset yet: Colenia 8.0.

Due to the dwindling playerbase later in the reset's life, not many screenshots exist of 7.0.

A world map of Colenia 7.0 [February 15th 2019, 7.0]

The ending of 7.0, while having a standard ending as far as Colenia goes, was shaped by the pacing of 8.0's development. Ending 7.0 allowed Colenia to find a better hosting service, changing from the service used since the days of Colenia 3.0. Due to 8.0 not being anywhere near completion at the time, not even near an alpha stage, the staff merely reset the world and created an almost identical play experience, with the removal of a single plugin being the only change.