2.5 - The Black Sheep

January '17 - February '17 

Colenia 2.5 was a very short-lived iteration that filled the vacuum between 2.0 and 3.0. 2.5 came around by the schism in the staff team and was heavily directed by the losing side. It is so far the only Colenia iteration that was based around a non-real world map, instead using a fantasy map pulled from PlanetMinecraft.

A top-down image of a portion of the continent 2.5 took place on. [January 17th 2017, 2.5]

2.5 was around purely during the midst of the second schism between the two owners and was eventually cut short once the schism ended, paving the way for Colenia 3.0 to return to the Earth Map formula of the prior two iterations.