Custom Items

 Colenia's very own items,

here's an example of a few of them! 


Various Runes can be created that channel magical powers through XP. These Runes can be combined with Staffs to create Magical Staffs. From healing your friends to turning water into ice, these Staffs can make life much easier!


The Chainsaw is a mechanical device that can cut down trees simply by right-clicking the base of the tree. Even those pesky top parts will be removed, all in one click! Anything below the log clicked won't be destroyed, though, so be careful not to misclick.​


The Laser Miner is a handheld device that, when right-clicked on an ore, uses a high-powered laser to dissolve the rock around the mineral inside.

It can automatically smelt iron and gold into ingots, and it can transport any mineral it is used on into the user's inventory. It even gives the user a small amount of XP.


The Hand Drill is an item that mines blocks in a 3x3x3 area. It clears them after mining one block, which acts as the center of the 3x3x3 cube. However, the blocks mined do not drop, due to the sheer power of the Drill.