Hothura - Cascades of White

Hothura is an icy terrestrial planet sitting far away from the sun. Large Ice sheets cover the planet with bare mountains that seem to have smashed through the ice and pierced through it which tower over the plains. The planet may have been an ocean world if it was closer to the star but unfortunately, it's not. Yet from our observations it seems to be peaceful, not possessing large storm fronts and being mostly clear skies, with most of the water vapour to make clouds and therefore snow, instead of being a part of the ice sheets.

It has been theorised that on the rocky bed below the ice sheets there may be a lot of mineral resources and the mountains may be long dead volcanoes with all the wealth and scientific intrigue it brings. It may be a good first interplanetary target.

Classification: Terrestrial
Orbit: High Heliocentric
Unique Features: Large Ice Sheets And Extinct Volcanoes
Moons: One
Rings: None
Exploration Status: Unexplored

Hothura Mountains
Hothura Cave
Hothura Overhead
Hothura Hills