Kara - The Eternal Outback

Kara is a terrestrial desert world with a thick and hot atmosphere with lava oceans which are kept alive by the greenhouse effect of the atmosphere combined with its proximity to the sun. Through RADAR mapping we have managed to make its surface which is made up of deserts, which large mesas, mountains and oceans which make up the planet’s surface. It is inhospitable and craggy, but the presence of lava shows a large amount of geothermal activity taking place. 

This could be a great place to exploit geothermal energy and the possibility of deep core minerals brung up to the surface for our miners to exploit. However more preparation is needed to withstand the heat and to cross the oceans once we’re on the planet.

Classification: Terrestrial
Orbit: Low Heliocentric
Unique Features: Large Lava Oceans And A Thick Atmosphere
Moons: Zero
Rings: Zero
Exploration Status: Unexplored

Kara at Night
Kara in the Day
Kara at Night 2
Kara Overhead
Kara in the Evening