The Moon - First Landings

Such a simple body who has been with us for time immemorial, ever since a primordial body hit into us billions of years ago, we have had this lump of rock circling around us and influencing us subtly. It's pocked with craters, “lakes”, hills, seas, mountains, etc. There is the potential for mineral exploitation there, but it would mostly be useful as a stepping stone from the overworld and into space, to further and more exotic locations.

This is the easiest body to reach in the system, so simple that someone can just get there by slapping some explosives in a tank and shooting themselves at it, though that method described there may have a negative effect on oneself. However, the actual method of getting there or anywhere in space is fairly close and you need less “boom stuff” to get into space from the moon’s surface than from the Earth.

Classification: Terrestrial Moon
Orbit: Terrestrial
Unique Features: Craters and “Seas”
Parent Body: Earth
Rings: None
Exploration Status: Explored

Earth and Sun
Moon Cave