The Colenia Rules

We have a particularly strict rule on Alts (alternative accounts) on Colenia, all alts are to be banned, and your main account will also be banned should you try and abuse this. We are not responsible for your stupidity.

Attempting to circumvent the rules or doing something risque can still get you punished despite not being written in rules. The staff retains the right to edit any of your decisions inside the server.

If you joke about / look like you are hacking or partaking in other malicious activities, we can punish you.

Remember the most important rule,

Don't be a dick.

Overall Rules

A1. Keep all discussion as calm and mature as possible.

A2. Don't advertise other servers, attempt to harm Colenia, or advocate other people to leave Colenia.
A3. No extensive racist, sexist, ableist, and/or other discriminatory/offensive vocabulary or symbols.

     A3a. This extends to creations on the Minecraft server.

     A3a. For the time being, the staff will decide together on a case-by-case basis on what counts as an A3 violation.

A4. Be mature towards other people.

A4a. This includes a strict ban on harassment (as defined by

A4b. The Colenia staff reserves the right to punish you, should you deliberately be an asshole. This does not mean that they

A5. Servers that actively try to siphon off our player base will be dealt with vigorously.

     A5a. The ringleaders of such will be banned.

     A5b. Should they stop, they will be unbanned.

     A5c. Anyone associated with such will be treated the same way, though their unban comes from leaving.

     A5d. The ringleaders will not be unbanned should they keep offending A8, or actions on their server should they be bad enough. (ie.           doxxing members)

A6. Impersonation of anyone is banned, whether it be Staff, Members or anyone outside of Colenia.

A7. Tricking or Falsely causing someone to break the rules is also punishable.

A8. Encouraging of rule-breaking is also punishable.

A9. Anything that the staff consider a loophole is banned.

A10. Don’t spam. Spamming will be met with a mute. Refusal to cooperate will result in a tempban.

A11. Don't actively try to ruin people's fun. It’s only a game.

Gameplay Rules

G1. Your faction may not have more than 9 people. You may not make extra factions to get around this.

     G1a. The populations of a parent nation and its puppets must add up to 9.

G2. You must keep Build permissions for enemies on at all times. (/f perm set build enemy yes)

G3. Outline claiming (claiming and not using /f claim fill) or over-claiming is outright banned. 

G4. Claims outside of the continent, or planet, of the capital must have one player to govern the claim.
G5. Your faction name must be able to be taken seriously.

     G5a. Nations must have the name of a similar geographic region to where they are. (Hungary can be slightly in Poland, but not Colombia).

     G5b. G5a does not count if people are genuinely exiled by treaties (HungaryInExile may exist if the nation was exiled)

     G5c. You cannot base your nation on a previously existing made-up/fantasy/original nation you were not directly involved with.

     (Exceptions being Berg from Colenia 3.0 and Angevin from Colenia 4.0)
G6. Terraforming to an extent at which it disturbs the shape of the land is prohibited unless given proper approval by staff.
G7. Multinational alliances cannot exceed 21 members.

     G7a. Each ally must have their own reason to go to war that isn't simply "my ally did."
G8. You cannot have more than 10 allies and truces combined.

G9. You are required to report an exploit or an item that has a chance to break the server.

G10. You are not allowed to go out of your way to block another nation.

G11. Items giving a clear and unfair advantage are banned (you are practically impossible to kill in Player vs Player combat).

G12.  You cannot claim excessive amounts of bodies of water.
G13. You must be in a functional nation (you must put effort into developing a nation) in order to attack anybody or any nation. 

G14. Should an item be lost under circumstances that leads to believe the fault lies in the player, the item will not be refunded.

G15. If a faction has a warp inside it, the faction must allow players to escape the warp. However, the warp path does not need to end in the original faction. 

G16. War is declared by doing /f enemy <faction>

G17. You may not declare war on other nations while their leader is offline or AFK.

G18. A faction is immune from warfare for the first week of creation.

G19. Removing an alliance or truce from a nation requires a 24-hour cooldown before war is allowed.

G20. Spawnlogging (camping in Spawn or a SafeZone during a war) is illegal.  

G21. If you have lost a war outright, you are required to surrender.

G22. You may not damage another nation during peacetime.

G23. You may not kill any players outside the borders of your nation without a valid reason.

G24. Treaty objectives and valid reason must be pre-written and sent in a DM on discord to a Colenia Staff member before going to war.

     G24a. Treaty objectives a pre-written treaty can be overturned by the Colenia Staff if it is not reasonable in comparison to the reasoning       behind a war.

     G24b. You may not base your reasoning for war against staff nations based on their actions as staff.

     G24c. You may not demand that staff do/undo staff actions in a treaty.