Astronomer’s Log #56

During today’s routine, I came across a very odd discovery. It seems as if what I had once believed was a star that had been steadily increasing in size (this I had initially decided to ignore) has another white speck around it that rewrites the last month’s research. I believe that this “star” might be another planet of its own, but what do I know? It’s simply too early for me to study it enough to send a new paper detailing every last bit to Management.

The sheer size of this planet is something in and of itself to behold; it most certainly seems like if it were the planet we believe it is, it would be a gas giant. The orbit of this world also appears to be elliptical, so I can only guess when the last time people had the opportunity to see that thing was.

If Management were to hear this, I could barter some more supplies from them for the info. I’ve already got a plethora of names we could give it, but I can’t get ahead of myself yet, can I? The current priority is survival. Food has been bleak, and the hydroponics are yielding less and less with each harvest. If only the one world with the capacity to have crops wasn’t so rough.

Richard Colenia

Classification: ???
Orbit: ???
Unique Features: ???
Moons: ???
Rings: ???
Exploration Status: Undiscovered